An Insulting Response to the July 30th Meeting From Someone Who Did Not Attend

Below is a post to the Windmill Ridge, Next site by Jim Bailey, the spouse of a Board member who recently resigned. I guess the witch is supposed to be me. Mr. Bailey did not even attend the meeting but he seems to know everything that occurred. He has long been a mouthpiece for Board members who are too cowardly to express their views themselves.

The message that Mr. Bailey and the Board have for more than 30 RVS residents who attended an informational meeting is: You are crybabies. This Board and its cronies have nothing but contempt for you.

These individuals are supposed to represent our interests.  My question for residents is: How much longer do you intend to put up with these childish and vindictive people?

Support the recall.

witch“I’ll get you, my pretty…
7h ago
Jimmy Bailey from Windmill Ridge

and your little board too!” Seems the only thing that came out of the crybaby convention is an effort to get Carol Thompson, and Jim Kerr too, for good measure. A recall. The third attempt to overthrow the board in a year. Desperation is so unbecoming. 

”Fly, fly, fly..”

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