Monthly Archives: May 2015

Where Is Our Water?

Some residents are wondering why the irrigation water isn’t turned on yet – usually start-up happens near the end of April, accompanied by complaints that the water smells bad (until bacteria in the water lines clears out).  Heads-Up was seen doing some testing, but after that, no system activity.  Wonder why ….

We were all told that everything was wonderful in OZ at the Annual Meeting last November, but if so, where’s our water?  Perhaps we’re lucky we’ve had rain and some snow during April and May – time for the new BOD to get their story straight ….

Irrigation Engineering Study

Ranchland Utilities requested an engineering study (each association paid  ~$5K for the MolzenCorbin study) to examine repair and maintenance costs, and make recommendations regarding future upgrades to the system to ensure that the entire community has irrigation water as growth continues.  Please click on this link: Irrigation Future to go to the page on Irrigation and download a copy of the MolzenCorbin study.

Educate yourselves, residents!  The character of our community is at stake.  None of these costs were anticipated in the audit that was published at last year’s RVSCA annual meeting – nor are they in any reserve studies.

Ranchland utilities is proposing much needed “Homework Group” meetings and needs residents to participate.  They have asked each association for $2000 to pay for these facilitated meetings.  The RVSCA BOD decided at the April BOD meeting to ask R.U. to reduce the cost – indicating to some residents that they are not prioritizing this issue to the level it deserves.  Contact your BOD and ask them to publish the final study and support the Homework Group meetings – then get out there and attend the meetings!