Why Does the RVS Board Seek to Limit Resident Access to Information?

Over the past three years there has been a disturbing trend of the RVS Board both curbing resident access to Board information and limiting resident feedback.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Board stopped accepting letters to the editor in the RoundUp newsletter several years ago. The developer and Board members have columns but you, the people who pay for the newsletter, can’t communicate.
  • Until mid-2014, the Board met monthly. Then for six months it met every two months. Starting in 2015 the Board implemented a quarterly meeting schedule. It also changed the time of the meeting from evening to daytime. That effectively excludes anyone who works and does not have a flexible schedule from serving on the Board as well as attending meetings.
  • Resident comments are limited.
  • The minutes of Board meetings have been shortened so that important issues that are discussed no longer appear. Only issues that require a vote are included.
  • Issues that should be discussed in the public meeting are moved to closed executive sessions.

The Board tries to prevent residents from communicating with each other. When some of us organized informational meetings our flyers were ripped down and e-mails were sent out to residents calling our meetings “illegitimate” and “unsanctioned.” Apparently Board members do not believe in free speech unless they are doing the speaking.

For example, when residents from all of Rancho Viejo organized a meeting at the fire station to discuss irrigation issues this summer, both La Entrada and RVN Boards sent out a meeting notice to all residents. Representatives of Ranchland Utilities agreed to attend.

What did the RVS Board do?

  • Refused to publicize the meeting.
  • Told residents that the organizers were dangerous lunatics. An RVS resident who attended the meeting shared this.
  • Called the fire station and told the administration that the number of attendees would exceed the room limit and therefore the meeting should be canceled.

Don’t expect this trend towards secrecy to stop. Ask your Board why they limit access to information.

Are these the people you want on a Board that is supposed to represent your interests?

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