Monthly Archives: December 2015

A Couple of Positive Actions by the Board

Perhaps the Board is listening to residents’ concerns. Next year it will be holding meetings every two months instead of quarterly. Additionally, meetings will alternate between days  and evenings, allowing people who work during the day to attend meetings.

These are two commendable actions. Now if only residents were given time to speak about issues on the agenda….


HOAMCO Tells Los Lunas Family to Tear Down Cabana

All HOAs have a committee that reviews home improvement projects to make sure they are within the guidelines of the community.  The Stubbs family apparently went through the approval process in Huning Ranch, but 6 years later, they’ve been fined by HOAMCO and are being told to tear down their cabana.

Click on Cabana to see KOB News article


“F” Rating: Food For Thought on Management Services

HOAMCO has an “F” rating. Thought every homeowner should be aware of this…..