Transparency and the RVS Community Manager

Our HOA community manager Vincent Montoya became an owner and resident of RVS in April 2016. We previously had a community manager — Jessica Pfeiffer — who was also a resident and this was publicly known. There are certainly advantages to having a manager who lives in the community but some potential drawbacks and potential conflicts of interest also exist.

The previous Board of Directors chose to keep secret the fact that Mr. Montoya and his family moved to RVS. That secret started to unravel when the Montoyas’ house was broken into and Mr. Montoya’s wife Tina posted about the incident on the NextDoor Windmill Ridge website. Several days later she posted a critical comment about the new Board (which had not yet appointed officers or had an official meeting), not doing anything about the spate of thefts in RVS. However Ms. Montoya posted her comments using an assumed name, Roland Alarid, who I believe is a relative.

At the Annual Meeting when the issue of security was discussed, President Paiz referred to “something that cannot be revealed,” presumably the fact that the Montoyas’ home was entered. Publicly available information on the Internet shows that the Montoyas live on Madre Mountain. As a resident, Ms. Montoya is entitled to criticize the Board, but she should use her own name and not pose as someone else. Both posts have since been removed and the name Roland Alarid has been changed to TL Alarid on the Windmill Ridge NextDoor site.

By trying to keep it a secret that the Montoyas live here, both the previous Board and Mr. Montoya created an unnecessary problem. To avoid any other difficulties in future, I suggest that Mr. Montoya publicly reveal to RVS residents — perhaps via an email blast — that he and his family live here.

I also suggest that the new Board speak with Mr. Montoya about transparency and possible conflicts of interest, particularly regarding the election process. The Board should clearly set forth his different roles as an employee community manager and a resident.



5 responses to “Transparency and the RVS Community Manager

  1. You should get your facts straight before you make false accusations. Guess you didn’t really do your homework. How dare you accuse me of speaking negatively about the Board. My posts speak for themselves. There was a lot of traffic on and confusion about who to contact about what. As my post stated, due to recent election there probably had not been a meeting yet. Homeowner safety is an important issue and I as well as another resident have had very close calls lately. What would you have done had you been in my shoes? I felt I should alert other homeowners and encourage neighbors to work with the Board to address the issue.

    I have nothing but respect and thanks for the Board Members. These neighbors volunteer their time, talents, and experience to make our community a better place to live.

    Last I checked, this was a free country, thanks to my father, brother, husband, and many others like them who fought for this great country. I can live anywhere I choose. Our moving to the area was never a secret. The Board at the time was consulted, as was my husband’s employer, and determined no COI issues.

    How dare you and your cohorts infringe upon my freedom of speech and my right to bear arms (the phone calls have to stop!). If you think you can threaten and intimidate me you are sadly mistaken. I do not appreciate being stalked by you and your groupies.

    I prefer to live in peace and mind my own business unlike you and members of your negative and toxic group. You appear to be a well-educated person, who is very unhappy, does not like her neighbors or HOAs, and has nothing better to do than pick fights and stir up trouble. Have you tried doing something positive and constructive with your time and talents? We sure could use some help tutoring at the local schools.

    To pacify Ms. Kaplan, be advised this communication is from me alone and not that of my husband, Vince Montoya, who lives here in RV with me and our children, and works here as HOA South Community Manager. My husband is my partner and best friend. He treats me with love and respect and does not “control” me. I should be treated like every other resident and not targeted or picked on because of my husband’s job.

    In closing, Ms. Kaplan, leave me and my family alone to live in peace. Please cease and desist from further harassment.

    • Ms. Montoya – we agree that neighborhood safety is an important issue and strongly encourage you to contact the Sheriff if you are experiencing issues. While this Blog allows a greater degree of freedom of speech than some, please refrain from accusing a fellow resident of stalking and harassing you. Please also note that continued unfounded accusations against others may result in loss of blogging privileges. Thank you for your cooperation.

      The Moderators

  2. Ms. Montoya: I have never called you, never threatened you and as far as your right to bear arms, I have no idea what you are talking about. I have no “cohorts.” My post represents my views only. You did not address my main concern — that you posted under an assumed name.

  3. Ms. Kaplan: Posts and photos copied from without the poster’s permission, and reposting to another forum is in direct violation of the Privacy Policy found in the Community Guidelines.

    My comments were reposted to this blog by Marcia Kaplan, without my permission, and in violation of the Privacy Policy. Her actions cause me great concern because is a forum where neighbors should feel safe and share pertinent information with one another. Reposting of my posts violated my trust and security, especially since the perpetrator who broke into my house has not been apprehended. “Thanks” for putting us out there!

    Ms. Kaplan, as an adult, if you have a concern or an issue you should attempt to address it directly with the individual rather than posting in an open forum. (By the way, who’s the man in the photo above next to your email? Whose image did you assume?)

    I will turn the other cheek and pray for you. I pray that God brings you happiness and takes away your loneliness, bitterness, and anger.

    –Tina Montoya

  4. Ms. Montoya:
    You posted a public message. What NextDoor does not allow is the reposting of a private message. “While re-posting private messages is not allowed, referring to a private conversation in the context of an ongoing neighborhood discussion is allowed as long as it does not violate our policy on public shaming.”

    NextDoor rules prohibit people from not using their real names.
    From NextDoor Help Center / Community Guidelines
    Use your true identity
    Nextdoor is a network for you and the people who live in your local community. To that end, using your true identity and honestly representing yourself are key parts of being a Nextdoor member.
    Real names
    Nextdoor’s Member Agreement requires that every member use their full, real name on Nextdoor.
    By real name, we mean the first name that you use when introducing yourself to neighbors, friends, and colleagues and your legal last name.