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Budget misuse by President

It seems the board president is confused about how our budget works.  She believes that all budget line items must be spent by the year end.  This is not how the RVS budget works.  She also believes that she does not need approval from the other board members to spend association money.  Not having an audit in 3 years is irresponsible and she is not doing her fiduciary duty.  I believe she has misappropriated funds and if we continue down this path our reserves will not be adequate to cover future repairs.  Remember, our association does not have city or county services to help cover repairs to our community.  The association pays for everything, to sign replacement to pot hole repairs.  Yes, we have over a million dollars in reserves, but if and when we have to do major road repairs or irrigation repairs, this amount will decrease substantially.  For those of us who plan on living here a long time, we need to be concerned about the future because the current board president is not.