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Meet the 2016 RVS Board Candidates October 29, 2016 from 10AM – 12PM

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Another Board Resignation

Posted for Annie McGovern by Moderator:

Word on the street is that another Rancho Viejo South board member, this time Jim Bailey, has resigned from the board. No eblast has been sent by the RVS board or Community Manager, at least I have not received one, notifying residents of this event. This makes three this term.  When Eric Sanders resigned, the board appointed Carol Thompson, a direct slap in the face to residents who obviously voted otherwise during the election.  When Barbara Boyd resigned, no action was taken, even though Marcia Kaplan had the next highest votes in the election.  Why the double standard?  Am I correct that according to Roberts’ Rules of Order, though not mandated, the person with the highest number of votes in the previous election should be the next to fill a vacancy?  And does anyone know why Jim Bailey’s resignation is all so hush-hush? My understanding is that he resigned more than a week ago – and we’re sorry to see you go,  Jim.

Bobcat Siting Tuesday, 8-23-16

End of East Chili Line Road

Annie McGovern and her granddaughter were playing Pokemon Go on Tuesday and captured more than they bargained for!  Caught on photo by our intrepid adventurers was the Bobcat everyone keeps talking about.  See those black markings and big, bushy tail?  It’s taller than the average feline, compared to the upright on the gate.


New County Recycling Ordinance Could Raise Homeowner Fees – Update: Increase Announced at Sep BOD Mtg

Posted for Jim Bailey:

I am attaching a copy of a county ordinance that was adopted in May, requiring trash haulers to also pick up curbside recycling. Initial information from our vendor is this may increase our solid waste fee by 50 percent, from $49.50 per quarter per home to $74.25.

Ordinance 2016-4

Map of Service Area

While serving as president of the board, I encouraged board members to become informed of and active in county affairs, however there was a bump in that road, and as a consequence the board and management are just now dealing with this ordinance that was enacted three months ago and is set to be in force November 1st. Community Manager Montoya is exploring all options.
Please be advised that the board, NOT the treasurer, NOT the Budget and Finance Committee, is responsible for setting the 2017 HOA dues.
Additional information is available on my website,
Thank you.
Jimmy Bailey
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Another Successful Firewise Event!

Posted by Moderators for:

Our third annual FirewiseUSA Community Day, held Saturday, May 7th, was a resounding success with 79 volunteers signed in.  This included seven ATC students/parents and 3 three from Amy Biehl.  Twenty-two student posters from the Amy Biehl project were displayed and Judy Reinhartz, a North resident, who wrote a “Firewise Curriculum To Spark Interest” (piloted at Amy Biehl this year) talked for three hours with visitors to the exhibit.  Thanks, Judy!  State police, La Cienega firefighters, landscapers, residents, and HOA representatives all volunteered for this expanding community effort.  Thanks so much, everyone! Together we are creating a firesafe community.

Teri Buhl Leads SFAHBA

Posted for: Anne McGovern

Request or Comment:  Congratulations to Teri Buhl, Windmill IV resident, for being elected the 2016 President of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association, a branch of the National Association of Home Builders! This is a huge honor, and it’s wonderful that Teri’s many skills have been so publicly acknowledged.


HOAMCO Tells Los Lunas Family to Tear Down Cabana

All HOAs have a committee that reviews home improvement projects to make sure they are within the guidelines of the community.  The Stubbs family apparently went through the approval process in Huning Ranch, but 6 years later, they’ve been fined by HOAMCO and are being told to tear down their cabana.

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RVSCA Annual Financial Comparison

See below for a comparison of Income Statements from 2011 to Sep 2015 for our community.  Per HOAMCO, we received an “unqualified” audit this year and last, but that does not mean either audit was perfect.  In 2014, a former board member discovered errors in the audit and contacted the audit firm to schedule a meeting to discuss the errors.  The meeting was cancelled by the Board.  A new audit firm was hired after the former firm declined to audit our financials this year.  In the same time period, resignations, re-appointments, and a changing of the guard occurred.  In 2015, after a County investigation into unlicensed businesses, it was discovered that no Gross Receipts Taxes were paid on Advertising Revenue in the RoundUp newsletter since 2008, which could lead to fines and penalties.  A resident asked about this issue at a Board meeting this year, but did not receive a satisfactory answer.

It is HOAMCO’s responsibility to track financials, produce reports, guide the Board, and ensure transparency – especially when we have had no Treasurer since July 2014.  Make sure you ask about the financials at the Annual Meeting – and make sure you get your proxies to the Community Manager before 5PM Monday or your votes may not be counted at the Annual Meeting.  Last year’s photo of the Community Manager altering proxy votes was pretty embarrassing for the Board – don’t expect more transparency this year.  Last year, they cheated to win.  Let’s hope we won’t have to endure another “rah-rah” speech from the Association Attorney and the HOAMCO CEO again this year.  What did Einstein say about the definition of insanity?  Keep voting for the same people, folks ….

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FC 2015 Pg 1

FC 2015 Pg 2


Where Is Our Water?

Some residents are wondering why the irrigation water isn’t turned on yet – usually start-up happens near the end of April, accompanied by complaints that the water smells bad (until bacteria in the water lines clears out).  Heads-Up was seen doing some testing, but after that, no system activity.  Wonder why ….

We were all told that everything was wonderful in OZ at the Annual Meeting last November, but if so, where’s our water?  Perhaps we’re lucky we’ve had rain and some snow during April and May – time for the new BOD to get their story straight ….

Irrigation Engineering Study

Ranchland Utilities requested an engineering study (each association paid  ~$5K for the MolzenCorbin study) to examine repair and maintenance costs, and make recommendations regarding future upgrades to the system to ensure that the entire community has irrigation water as growth continues.  Please click on this link: Irrigation Future to go to the page on Irrigation and download a copy of the MolzenCorbin study.

Educate yourselves, residents!  The character of our community is at stake.  None of these costs were anticipated in the audit that was published at last year’s RVSCA annual meeting – nor are they in any reserve studies.

Ranchland utilities is proposing much needed “Homework Group” meetings and needs residents to participate.  They have asked each association for $2000 to pay for these facilitated meetings.  The RVSCA BOD decided at the April BOD meeting to ask R.U. to reduce the cost – indicating to some residents that they are not prioritizing this issue to the level it deserves.  Contact your BOD and ask them to publish the final study and support the Homework Group meetings – then get out there and attend the meetings!

Who Will Be President?

Elections – Resignations – Appointments – What Do the Bylaws Say?

Elections were last November and we’ve already had 2 resignations from the BOD: Bonnie Houston (appointed by the BOD as President at the Annual Meeting) and Laura Corbin.  That left the RVSCA BOD at 5 directors.  Association bylaws require 3-7 directors, and the following roles must be filled: president, secretary, and treasurer (may be someone not on the board, e.g., an outside accountant).  The Association has not had a treasurer since July 2014, although the phrase “finance board liaison” appeared next to John Zipprich’s name in the last RoundUp newsletter (he declined this responsibility at the April BOD mtg).  BOD meetings only occur quarterly now, so we have less transparency than ever.

The bylaws also require a standing Nominating Committee to help recruit directors and fill vacancies (amongst other duties), which has not been in place since 2013.  The BOD is allowed to appoint directors and the bylaws require that we follow Roberts Rules of Order which generally recommend reviewing election results and choosing the next person in line who received the most votes (see Election Results).  This makes sense in associations that have trouble finding people to serve.  More importantly, President Thompson set a precedent by using this method to allow Valerie Magliani to fill the vacancy left by Susan Warren’s resignation on a previous BOD.  Since the 2012 – 2014 BOD violated numerous bylaws and followed past precedent only when it was convenient for them, the current BOD re-appointed Ms. Thompson as president, allowed Laura Corbin to return to the BOD after her resignation in January, and most certainly will not allow any of the other candidates who ran for the board to be appointed to the seventh position (they are viewed as the “opposition”).

Associations have problems all over the country because apathetic residents don’t attend meetings or serve on boards.  Rescheduling board meetings for 1PM on Tuesday was a deliberate attempt to prevent active residents with 9-5 jobs from attending board meetings.  The rest of you out there need to carry the baton!

Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  If you don’t attend board meetings and hold directors accountable, you end up with budget overruns and repeat offenders.  Attend the BOD meetings!  Ask your directors why we still don’t have a proper audit or reserve study, why minutes still are not being published in a timely manner, why the irrigation engineering study hasn’t been released by the BOD, and why bylaws violations still occur.  It’s your association – and your money.



Posted for Annie McGovern

WHEN:  Saturday, May 2, 2015 – registration begins at 10AM
WHERE:  Ranch Viejo Village Market (55 Canada del Rancho off Avenida del Sur) parking lot.

There will be a two-hour community cleanup session and then pizza, drinks, fire trucks and demo, etc. for everyone. Please come and participate!