Behind The Curtain

Transparency and Accountability

It’s frustrating that many residents are content to sit back and allow a few people to make decisions for them without ever attending a board meeting or voting in annual meetings.  If an association is fortunate, the directors who sit on the board are responsible and skilled people who do their fiduciary duty to the best of their ability, according to association by-laws, and with the interest of residents in mind. Recently, the RVSA BOD has made decisions and taken actions that reduce transparency to residents.  Several residents have been asking questions about financial and legal expenditures to gain a better understanding of these actions and are not satisfied with the explanations that have been provided by the BOD.  The Board President and several Directors actually called the Sheriff and filed a harassment complaint against one of these residents!  Accountability is only possible when residents are engaged and educated.  Don’t sit back and expect accountability to happen on it’s own – get active and make it happen!


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