2014 Legal Budget Blown

This year’s legal funds were budgeted at $6000 (2013 budget was $5000).  As of July, the actual total spent has already surpassed $6,000, and residents should be asking three questions again: Why, Who authorized these over-expenditures, and How will these costs be recovered?

Two Directors on the BOD have been asking these questions – one has asked the President and Community Manager to provide copies of legal records and other info for analysis – these requests have been refused – repeatedly.  Regrettably, this Director has had to file a dispute resolution against the BOD to gain access to records that should be made available to all Directors on the Board.  The President and four other Directors also refused to meet on July 8th and follow the dispute resolution process outlined in the Association By-Laws.

Here’s part of what the BOD is trying to hide (click here to download):

Fin Comps



2 responses to “2014 Legal Budget Blown

  1. 2012 and 2013 were high due to the Univest Mediation and the Town Home roofs.

  2. There certainly does seem to be a significant lack of transparency AND lack of representing the interests of residents by the current HOA board, excepting Dave Pfeifer and Teri Buhl. Unfortunately, the others vote as a block, resulting in numerous questionable votes. I still don’t understand why the HOA voted against cooperating with Ranchland Utilities when RU requested to pay one-third of the fee for an engineering study (since they were alreday to pay the La Entrada portion), not one half. Or why, at the last board meeting, the HOA refused to appoint Dave Pfeifer as .treasurer. He has proven himself effective in this capacity in the past, having been treasurer of La Entrada, and he currently manages a $12 million budget for the city of Santa Fe. Or why the new board member, Mr. Zipprich, did not respond on NextDoor to my direct question as to how many days per year he is in residence at Rancho Vigo, since his LinkedIn bio lists only Texas connections, nothing in New Mexico. I would think a fulltime Rancho Viejo resident would serve us better.

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