2014 Election – Fraudulent?

This is Vince Montoya, Campaign/Community Manager, next to election “officials”, voting and signing ballots during the election on Nov. 18:

The box at the top of the proxy states “If you prefer you may ask a neighbor to submit it at the meeting on your behalf”.  Under the DIRECTED PROXY section, it says ” *If the above space is left blank, the proxy will be given to the Secretary of the Annual Meeting for quorum purposes only. ”

Proxy 2

Initially on Tuesday night (as in past elections), these proxies were in a separate stack.  During counting, Vince handled proxies multiple times, and then began voting and writing on them.  Eventually all proxies were counted toward candidates – the “quorum only” stack disappeared.  Election procedures were very different and confusing this year ….  First everyone was told that proxies would not be exchanged for a ballot and to simply turn them in.  Then they were retrieved and stapled to a ballot – after which, the resident had to be located, so the ballot could be signed.  True County Election officials would not have allowed a procedure like this.

When several residents cited Owner/Resident voting rights and tried to challenge Vince’s actions, the Association Attorney, Lynn Krupnik, claimed that a proxy can be directed to anyone and that being a resident or owner is not necessary to cast votes.   (?!!!)

At the end of the meeting, Carol Thompson refused to allow owner/resident comments and abruptly called an adjournment.


3 responses to “2014 Election – Fraudulent?

  1. This is a reprehensible and illegal action on the part of Vince Montoya and the whole Carol Thompson led board [annual] meeting. Sadly, the newly “elected” board represents the absolute opposite of democratic and inclusive resident representation. The whole board [annual] meeting was a prime example of the constant violation of bi-laws and the civil rights of our community residents. This is what apathy and lack of responsibility produces. Shame on Carol Thompson, Vince Montoya and those she controls … these people do not have your interests in mind, only their own.

    • While we share your concerns about election irregularities and the suppression/elimination of resident comments during the meeting, we encourage all residents to allow the new board members the opportunity to exert a positive influence on future BOD decisions.

      RV Moderators

  2. CORRECTION: In response to a question asked me recently by a resident, I need to clarify my previous statement that it did not appear that Vince Montoya was improperly handling the proxy votes. At the annual meeting, I asked the vote counters if the undesignated proxy votes were in a separate pile, and one of them answered in the affirmative.

      What I was not aware of until a few days after the annual meeting, and after my blog post, is that after my inquiry the undesignated proxy votes were somehow combined with the designated proxy votes and used for voting purposes, which of course is not allowed.

    This was witnessed by several residents, but by that time I had returned to the meeting room.

      So it DOES appear that again this year the voting process did not follow proper procedures.

    Undesignated proxy votes are supposed to be excluded from the vote count.
    My suggestion is that in the future, prior to the vote count, all undesignated proxy votes be placed in a sealed and labeled envelope and kept conspicuously displayed so that all residents will know that the undesignated proxies are not being used for the vote count. Whatever the board can do in the area of improved transparency will be beneficial to building trust between the board and the residents it is supposed to serve.
    Also, the vote counters told me they have no problem with people witnessing the vote count. One of them said there are always witnesses when they count votes.

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