2014 Election – Fraudulent?

This is Vince Montoya, Campaign/Community Manager, next to election “officials”, voting and signing ballots during the election on Nov. 18:

The box at the top of the proxy states “If you prefer you may ask a neighbor to submit it at the meeting on your behalf”.  Under the DIRECTED PROXY section, it says ” *If the above space is left blank, the proxy will be given to the Secretary of the Annual Meeting for quorum purposes only. ”

Proxy 2

Initially on Tuesday night (as in past elections), these proxies were in a separate stack.  During counting, Vince handled proxies multiple times, and then began voting and writing on them.  Eventually all proxies were counted toward candidates – the “quorum only” stack disappeared.  Election procedures were very different and confusing this year ….  First everyone was told that proxies would not be exchanged for a ballot and to simply turn them in.  Then they were retrieved and stapled to a ballot – after which, the resident had to be located, so the ballot could be signed.  True County Election officials would not have allowed a procedure like this.

When several residents cited Owner/Resident voting rights and tried to challenge Vince’s actions, the Association Attorney, Lynn Krupnik, claimed that a proxy can be directed to anyone and that being a resident or owner is not necessary to cast votes.   (?!!!)

At the end of the meeting, Carol Thompson refused to allow owner/resident comments and abruptly called an adjournment.

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