2015 Proposed Budget vs. Actuals

Download a copy of the Annual Financial Comparisons of Actuals vs. 2015 budget figures.  Scroll to bottom to look at the figures.


2016 – Assessment increase – $10/Month

Another raise for HOAMCO Community Manager (HOAMCO CEO Justin Scott’s email: justin@hoamco.com)

  • Actual salary and benefits in 2013 were $57768  (2013 budget: $60,000, 2014 budget: $61,008)
  • Proposed 2015 budget: $72,000  (no performance evaluation available despite concerns of two directors)

Nothing allocated for potential “buyout” of Ranchland Utilities

  • RU suggested helping the associations set up a public bond which would allow the BOD to avoid an assessment increase – Carol Thompson is a proponent of the bond.   Update: Homework Group Meetings have produced a draft report of recommendations.

2015 Reserve study recommended $10/month Assessment Increase – not including future irrigation costs.

FC 2015 Pg 1

FC 2015 Pg 2



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