Budget Meetings Closed to Residents

The Budget and Finance Committee has been meeting to discuss the 2015 budget, which will be presented to residents at the Annual Meeting in November.  Residents may not be aware of this, but these meetings are open to all residents, whether they serve on the committee or not.

At the July BOD meeting, Director Buhl asked when residents would be notified of the next meeting, so they could attend; the President responded that residents are not allowed to attend and will see the new budget in November.  Having capable people on a committee is not the point – residents should be able to attend and provide input if they desire.  The Finance and Budget Committee meeting that was scheduled for Monday, 9/15 was cancelled by board member/committee liaison Bonnie Houston after a notice appeared on this Blog.  Coincidence?

Why is the budgeting process being hidden from residents?  Especially when no audit has been conducted in 3 years and reserve studies have been repeatedly delayed!  (see No Audits Post)

The Association also has had no Treasurer since July 4th, because the BOD voted against Director Pfeifer as an interim Officer.  This is a position that must be filled per the ByLaws.


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