Committees of 1 ?

Most Associations have standing committees (usually with a Charter) while others are ad-hoc or temporary.  All associations have some type of design review function that usually has special decision-making powers compared to other committees.  The Rancho Viejo South Association has Design Review, Public Safety, Budget & Finance, Communications, Landscaping, Nominations, and Townhome “Committees”.  The Communications Committee has the only Chair who is paid for services ($500 x 6 issues = $3000/yr).  In 2013, there was an ad-hoc committee that was addressing Infrastructure and Irrigation upgrades until the President disbanded it with no notice, despite warnings from 2 board members that Ranchland Utilities might seek alternatives detrimental to all of Rancho Viejo (see Irrigation).

The association’s original governing documents required 2 members of the board to be liaisons, so that there would be some oversight, and to allow committees to bring motions to the Board of Directors that would not require a “second” (to save time).  Several years ago, the BOD changed the number of liaisons to 1, so each committee has one liaison.  In addition, the current president insists that she must attend every committee meeting, even though this is not required.  Some Chairs have resigned because of micro-management.

Committees of “1”:

  • Public Safety –  Board Liaison: Jim Kerr, no Chair, no members (application denial)
  • Landscaping – Board Liaison: Jonnalyn Grover, no Chair, no members
  • Budget and Finance – Board Liaison: Jim Bailey, Co-Chairs: Carl & Penny Baldwin resigned, no members
  • Townhome – Board Liaison: TBA, Carolyn Brown/Chair, no members
  • Nominations – Board Liaison: Bernie Paiz, members: Tom Justus, Chris Schatzman, Glen Smerage
  • Infrastructure Task Force: Board Liaison: Bernie Paiz

committees that receive payments:

  • Communications – Board Liaison: TBA, Paid members: Anne and Lee Lefton






2 responses to “Committees of 1 ?

  1. Another reason I resigned from the safety committee is because I had no autonomy as the chairman. Most of us who offer to serve on committees are intelligent, proactive, and capable people who feel we can make significant positive contributions. From the outset, it was obvious to me that I would have no autonomy as a committee chair despite working actively with Jeff Hollander on safely issues. Carol Thompson micro-managed us continuously! As a sixty-seven year old independent woman, being treated like a misbehaving third grader just didn’t work for me…

  2. Posted for by Blogmaster:
    I am confused by an email I received from Bonnie Houston, RVS board member: “Annie, For your information, I am a resident of Ranch Viejo South. If I was not a resident, I could not serve on the board of directors nor could I be chair of the landscape committee. Every time you and your friends ask why there are no residents on the landscape committee you are misrepresenting the truth. You may want to correct this error before it backfires on you. ” I am not sure what post of mine Bonnie is referring to because I made no mention of the landscaping committee today but I’ll clarify. Yes, Bonnie is a RVS resident, and I believe she is the board liaison to the landscaping committee. No other residents who have requested to be on the landscaping committee at board meetings this year have been approved. Several people have inquired about this at various board meetings this year, and Bonnie’s response has been that residents are welcome to be on task-specific task forces (but not the landscaping committee itself). It certainly seems like a shut-out, especially since two people, at board meetings this year, talked about how many HOAs welcome residents on various committees. We have several people who would like to participate, but residents other than Bonnie have consistently been refused.

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