Homework Group – Report on Irrigation

A small group of residents has been meeting with Ranchland Utility to discuss and make recommendations on the future of the irrigation infrastructure in the Rancho Viejo Community.  Initially, the MolzenCorbin Engineering Study recommended $1.9 million in equipment expenditures, and several board directors, including the RVSCA president were backing a public bond that would raise property taxes.  The Homework Group meetings were organized to provide a facilitated environment for all three associations to discuss the engineering study and financing options.

As a courtesy to residents who were unable to participate in the Homework Group Meetings, we have provided links to the October 2015 report and website for more information.

Click on October Homework Group Report to download a copy of the Nov. 6 Draft report.

To learn more about the Homework Group Meetings and get copies of minutes, please visit this link: http://lawrencemeetingresources.com/ranchoviejo