Assessment Increases?

Long Term Infrastructure

Let’s face it – this community and it’s infrastructure is aging!  Every homeowner knows that regular maintenance and upgrades are required to preserve property value.  The same goes for the roads we drive on, the trails we walk and ride, and the systems that handle our irrigation water.  A thorough reserve study needs to be completed to understand these costs in detail; a reserve study was done in 2015 and an increase in assessments was recommended.  Good planning involves a series of small assessment increases over time to allow residents to absorb costs and plan for the future.  Other alternatives are to apply a special assessment which may be difficult for some residents to meet, or to take out a loan.  Either way, as a resident, you should be asking the BOD – que pasa and how much will it cost?


The 2014 Reserve Study was postponed in last year’s budget to avoid an increase in assessments.  The reserve study was done in 2015 and an increase in assessments was recommended.  Road repairs began in the summer of 2015.


The first part of trail maintenance was completed in the summer of 2013.  The second part still needs to go out for bid, but the Infrastructure Task Force was dissolved without notice by the former President, who decided to assign responsibility to the Landscaping Committee.  In 2015, a new Infrastructure Task Force chaired by Bernie Paiz was organized.  Stay tuned.

treated/Irrigation Water – to be updated

A preliminary report was submitted to the BOD in January, but they declined to review or act upon it.  Update: Ranchland Utility Company requested cost figures for an engineering study by MolzenCorbin – the figures were presented to the BOD in May and approved in September to share costs among all three Associations – the study is underway as of October.  The Landscaping Committee will be looking at maintenance costs of subsidiary lines owned by the RVSA.


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