Missing Minutes

irrigation meeting minutes and engineering study

Please click this link Irrigation System Ownership to download minutes

board meeting minutes

BOD minutes have been delayed for posting on the Association website since October 2013.  Why?  The BOD used to have a HOAMCO employee taking minutes at every board meeting.  Why is this person no longer producing minutes for the Association?  Now, the Community Manager simply places a recorder on the table.  Why not just post the recording on the community website – wouldn’t that be a lot simpler?

In 2014, one of the Directors presented several resolutions against Board Members who have been violating Board Codes of Conduct (click to download a copy of one of the resolutions).  The Board Members named in these resolutions denied all allegations during regular session despite evidence of their behavior (see Who Called the Sheriff).  None of these resolutions were recorded in the minutes, nor were they published in minutes.  Once again, what are they trying to hide?

interpretation of association bylaws

Last October, the BOD met with the Association Attorney to discuss interpretation of By-Laws.  In June, Board Members were finally provided a copy of the minutes from this meeting, but were told they are not allowed to share the information with anyone because of attorney-client privilegeReallyHomeowners ultimately paid the legal fees for a meeting to interpret Association by-laws and they can’t have a copy of the minutes or be told what was discussed?  What country do we live in?

It was also last October, when the BOD voted 4-2 to abbreviate minutes to simply record motions and very few discussion items.  (Restrictions were also placed on emails.)  When a homeowner asked why, the BOD President referred to Robert’s Rules of Order and claimed that Association Legal Counsel advised abbreviating minutes to protect board members from legal challenges for comments they make or actions they take . . . .

Why is this board and it’s legal counsel so secretive?  What are they trying to hide?  Why even be on the BOD if you’re more worried about legal action than you are about serving the community?

october 2013 minutes not approved by entire board

The minutes that are posted on the Association website were not approved by the whole board.   A discussion over these minutes ensued for several months.  At one point, a Director asked for a Special Meeting to listen to the recording – the request was denied (a violation of Association By-Laws).  What was the issue?  Language over the President Thompson’s potential conflict of interest because of work she does for HOAMCO was discussed in the regular session and totally removed from the record.  See “Potential Conflict of Interest.”


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