New RVSA Office Costs More for Residents

The BOD voted in October 4/2 to rent a separate office for the Community Manager so he can have privacy. The South Manager has shared an office (and costs) with the North Manager for several years without a problem. At the annual meeting it was stated that another advantage would be that RVS would have an annual lease, rather than a month-to-month rental, thereby providing stability. However at the December 2013 Board meeting it was announced the lease agreement was month-to-month, no different from the prior arrangement, yet the BOD passed the new office motion 5/2. And unless you attended the Board meeting you would never know that because it will not show up in the Board minutes. In 2014, the move will result in additional costs for rent, separate copier and printer, phone, and relocation expenses (the BOD used an emergency fund from the 2013 budget).


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