Transparency – or Not?

Controversial Board Actions


In October 2013, the BOD passed a motion 4/2, to record in writing the bare minimum required by Roberts’ Rules of Order. This means that only motions and votes will be recorded with no discussion, despite comments by two residents that context is important.  Pro: In January 2014, the President explained that the Association Attorney advised this is necessary to protect Directors and prevent possible legal actions that might be taken against specific statements.  Con: 1) Board minutes are not transparent to residents and important issues that are discussed but not voted on, will not be recorded, 2) Only residents attending the BOD meetings will be aware of discussions,  3) If future BOD’s or residents want to revisit an action to understand why it was taken or make an amendment, historical information and context will be unavailable.


In October 2013, the BOD passed a motion 4/2, to prohibit emails between directors of the board in between meetings.  Pro: Less legal exposure, less e-mails to read.  Con: There are several reasons that board meetings last 4+ hours – this is one of them – very little gets accomplished between meetings.

RVSA Website

In the past, all meeting minutes and committee reports were posted on the website to make access more convenient for residents – the BOD recently took the position that this is no longer necessary.  Pro: Less work for the Communications Committee and HOAMCO.  Con: 1) Less transparency for residents, 2) Residents will have to request copies from the community manager and pay for them.  (You’re already paying for the website, folks, and a download is free ….)


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