Who Called the Sheriff in February?

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This advertisement by RVSA Vice President Laura Corbin appeared in the April 2014 Round Up to thank the Community Manager for his “… attention to detail and dedication to our residents’ concerns”.  At the time the ad was placed, the intent probably was not to thank the Community Manager for calling the Sheriff on another board member in March, but then again . . . the example for Vince Montoya to follow was set on February 7th:

Director Corbin hosted a special meeting at her house with President Carol Thompson, Treasurer Paul Burguieres, and Secretary James Kerr.  Those of you who have served on a board know that board meetings need to be declared in advance so all directors have the opportunity to attend.  Despite this, these four board members met without the remaining three directors to file a harassment complaint against resident Jessica Pfeifer.  Getting tired of hearing about Bylaws violations?  Then consider that this act was also a violation of the Association’s Board of Director Codes of Conduct.

Incident Report #0214001917 can be obtained from the Sheriff’s office:

After reviewing the emails that were presented to him, the Sheriff’s Deputy reported that he “did not observe any conduct which could be considered threat[e]ning or harassing”.  In fact, when Director Teri Buhl spoke with Deputy Martin, he told her there would be no further action on the complaint, since Jessica was simply exercising her homeowner rights to hold the board accountable for their actions. 

Despite the facts, “several board members” requested that the Sheriff’s department monitor the March 25th BOD meeting.  Some residents objected to the Sheriff’s presence, considering it another example of intimidation by certain members of the board to prevent voicing opinions and asking questions.  You be the Judge: should members of the BOD be allowed to call the Sheriff on residents when there is a disagreement?  (Read your Bylaws!  They’re supposed to protect your rights.)  Should the Community Manager get a pat on the back for calling the Sheriff on a board member who asked for financial data?


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