Who Called the Sheriff in March?

be careful what you ask for

*** Update: Data was provided on March 31 and April 1 and is being analyzed – stay tuned ***

Director David Pfeifer, prompted by his fiduciary duty to explain legal budget overruns to residents, requested the information in February.  Access was denied by 5 of 7 board members and the community manager.

On March 20th, Director Pfeifer visited the Association Office to ask again and after a short exchange with Community Manager Vince Montoya, was denied again.  Shortly afterward, a Sheriff’s Deputy visited Dave, telling him that Vince filed a complaint against him for “yelling” at him and using foul language.

Fortunately, Dave had recorded the exchange, and after listening to the recording, the Sheriff left knowing that it was actually Vince who had raised his voice.  Despite the fact that Vince told the Sheriff he never felt a battery was going to occur, several board members requested that a member of the Sheriff’s department monitor the March 25th board meeting.  Who were they really trying to protect?

The Incident Report shown below is a public document obtained from the Santa Fe County Sheriff.

Inc Rep 4200 - 1  Inc Rep 4200 - 2



One response to “Who Called the Sheriff in March?

  1. That was some board meeting last Tuesday – what an eye opener! Complete with the Sheriff to watch over 3 hours of arguing and restricting access to records that should be easily available to all residents. Who cares if I wear a coat into the room when I look at an association document? I’m over 70 and cold all the time and my purse is mostly full of Kleenex, but I’m supposed to leave it with the community manager while I look at records? What nonsense! What is going on with this board? What are they trying to hide? Last week, the community manager filed a complaint against Dave Pfeifer and we ended up with the Sheriff at the board meeting. When I read the Sheriff’s report, it was pretty obvious to me that Dave didn’t do anything wrong – well, OK, maybe he swore once, but who wouldn’t after they kept refusing to give him financial information residents deserve to know. First, we have a Sheriff at the election last November – something residents had to pay for. I’m on a fixed income and don’t want my assessments to go up for things we don’t need. In February, the board of directors filed a harassment complaint against Jessica Pfeifer. Now this. Whoever heard of such a thing? Residents ask questions and end up talking to the police? We live in a country where freedom of speech is guaranteed. Maybe it’s time to replace the board with people who like to answer questions instead of hiding behind the Sheriff.

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