Election Results 2015

Election and annual meeting was November 17, 2015

In vote tally order, the results are:  [Updates/changes in red]

Eric Sanders:   71,   Term = 2 years    [Resigned in Spring – BOD appointed Carol Thompson to his vacancy]

Barbara S. Boyd:   66,   Term = 2 years    [Resigned in June/July – BOD took no action to fill vacancy]

Laura Corbin:   58,   Term = 2 years,  Secretary

Jim Bailey:   57,   Term = 2 years,  President and Treasurer   [This summer, BOD rescinded President’s title and appointed Bernie Paiz to that role.  Director Bailey resigned in September – BOD took no action to fill vacancy and the year was completed with no Treasurer who is responsible for Budget per bylaws.  Chris Schatzman served as Chair of Budget & Finance Committee and presented budget at subsequent annual meeting.]

Jim Kerr:   50,   Term = 1 year

Carol Thompson:   48,   Not re-elected    [BOD appointed to fill Sanders vacancy]

Marcia Kaplan:   38,   Not elected

Bernard T. Paiz  (Incumbent/1 year remaining),  Vice President    [BOD promoted to President when title was removed from Director Bailey]

Jonnalyn Grover  (Incumbent/1 year remaining)    [BOD appointed to Vice President when Director Paiz’s title changed]