Election Results 2014

Elections and annual meeting was November 18, 2014

In vote tally order, the results are:

Bernard T. Paiz  (Former 2013 director/resigned):   105   Term = 2 years

John Zipprich  (Incumbent/appointed to finish resigned treasurer’s term):   101   Term = 2 years – resigned in 2015

Jonnalyn Grover  (New candidate):   94   Term = 2 years, Secretary

Carol Thompson  (Current President):   93   Term = 1 year, Vice President – reappointed President when Bonnie Houston resigned in 2015

David Pfeifer  (Incumbent):   76

Teri Buhl  (Incumbent):   69

Marcia Kaplan  (New candidate):   64

Madelene Derollo  (New candidate):   47

Barabara S. Boyd and Eric Sanders were appointed in 2015 to fill vacant seats

No Treasurer announced since July 2014.  The bylaws require a Treasurer be appointed at the first organizational meeting after the election/annual meeting, and it was held Tuesday night.  Unlike the three other officers, the Treasurer does not have to be a board member.

If last year had the potential of being a contentious election, this year was even more “interesting”.  Let’s recap the 2013 election and 2014 annual meeting:

  • Former Community Manager Jessica Pfeifer was not allowed to serve on the Nominations Committee in 2013, even though she was fully qualified to do so.  The Nominations Committee had one person on it – Director James Kerr, who was also up for re-election.  Update: board decided no committee was necessary for 2014
  • A split BOD vote approved paid election officials, instead of allowing residents to count votes – first time ever.  Split board vote on Sep 23rd approved election “officials” for this year, but the “officials” were not trained county personnel.
  • President Carol Thompson hired a Sheriff’s Deputy to attend the Annual Meeting without obtaining BOD approval and told offended residents the service was free (not true – it was paid for with Association funds).  The president approved Campus Security for this year without asking for board approval.
  • The Annual Meeting packet and proxy ballots were not reviewed by the whole board and had mistakes in it, including an erroneous mailing address – the cost of reprinting/re-mailing was necessary.  Full board did not review packet in 2014.
  • Community Manager Vince Montoya overstepped his authority and improperly used residents’ emails in an effort to influence the election by campaigning for incumbent board members.  A resident contacted the CEO of HOAMCO who refused to correct the situation.  In 2014, Vince continued to hamper efforts of residents who stepped up to organize a candidate forum to allow residents to meet potential board members before the Annual Meeting and campaigned for candidates in numerous emails.
  • Directors Buhl and Pfeifer were barred from participating in Annual Meeting planning in 2013 and 2014 by the President and were not allowed to present important details on community infrastructure and irrigation issues, including efforts to negotiate win-win solutions for both the community and Ranchland Utilities.  Now RU is seeking accelerated turnover of water treatment and management costs to all three Associations which could lead to unplanned assessment increases or property tax increases.  Engineering study to be completed in December.
  • In 2014, a request by residents to review 2013 proxy votes for irregularities was denied by President Carol Thompson and Community Manager Vince Montoya who then contacted the Association Attorney for a legal opinion. Residents were told that the association election is by secret ballot and that proxies are confidential, which is not in accordance with ByLaws.  Request denied.  In 2014, Vince tried to prevent residents from overseeing election counting.  He also voted undesignated proxies despite not being a resident, and the association attorney claimed his actions were appropriate.
  • Residents were told that there were no financial issues and that the association had a surplus of funds.  They were not told that association finances had not been audited for 3 years and that reserve studies on infrastructure and irrigation had been postponed for several years, making it impossible to assess whether association finances were adequate – or not.  Residents were also not told that part of the surplus was from a previous settlement with the developer and earmarked for specific purposes, that probably should not have been counted as contributing to a positive bottom-line.  Audits and Reserve study monies were approved in July 2014 and the 2015 budget was developed behind closed doors – the President announced on Sep. 23rd that no increase would be forthcoming despite growing infrastructure needs and a huge raise for the Community Manager.  The 2013 audit included a 2010 reserve study that was never accepted by the board.  See post: Take a Closer Look.
  • 2014: Laura Corbin resigned, then President Bonnie Houston resigned and Laura Corbin was re-appointed.  In August, John Zipprich resigned.  Two more directors were appointed.

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