How To Post

option 1: full blogging ~ send us your email

Fill out the CONTACT FORM BELOW and we’ll send you an invitation to join this blog.  When you receive the invitation to join WordPress, follow the directions and then login to  Click on “My Site” in the upper left corner and choose RVS Community Blog.  Find the “Add New Post” function and go for it!

OPTION 2: limited commenting

Click on the Home page.  Open a post and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Find the FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A REPLY OR COMMENT box.  Just start typing in the box – when you’re done, click on the POST COMMENT button.  We’ll process your comment as soon as we can.  (This option limits how much you can participate on the Blog.)

OPTION 3: help me – i’m totally lost!

Please fill out the text box in the CONTACT FORM BELOW.  The Moderators will try to help you as soon as they can.  Please understand that this is the slowest way to communicate with other people.  We also encourage you to go to and watch some of their very helpful training videos.


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