When: september 20TH AT 6:30PM

(executive session begins at 5:00pm)

Where: La cienega fire station on

rancho viejo blvd


Pilot/Flying J Travel Center Community Meeting

When: september 25TH AT 6:00 – 7:30 PM


The meeting will focus on the conceptual plan requested by the County for the entire 26-acre site

For more info, please email:


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One response to “Notices

  1. I just want to remind residents that the 2014 annual meeting is a meeting of the members, and not a board meeting. In other words, this is our time to be vocal and change things. We can make motions from the floor. The power shifts from the board president to the members of the association (homeowners). Of course, any motions made from the floor must be in compliance with the governing documents. So please attend this important meeting. This will be your only opportunity to be heard and to do something. Thanks!

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