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Upcoming Election — Nominating Committee

Our Bylaws require that there be a Nominating Committee to oversee elections. This has usually been ignored. Finally, this year it appears that such a committee will be formed. However, rather than issuing a public request for volunteers, the Board — which makes the appointments — is doing this in private and hand-picking members.

The Board has made several pronouncements about being transparent, yet it continues to operate in secret. The appointments are being made at tomorrow’s Board meeting. If you can, please attend this meeting at 1 p.m. at the fire station. If you object to how this is being handled, please sign up to speak about item 3 on the agenda.


Our Bylaws were written by SUNCOR, the original developer, so they obviously were designed to benefit a developer. The Bylaws state that Board members need only be owners, not residents, of Rancho Viejo South. The Bylaws were written this way because until a majority of the units were sold, the company had a majority on the Board and their representatives did not live in the community.

One recently appointed (not elected) member of the Board who is a candidate —John Zipprich — works in Texas and has his primary residence there. When asked at the September Board meeting how much time he spends in New Mexico, Mr. Zipprich told the individual who asked that it was none of her business and accused her of stalking him for doing a Google search of publicly available information.

Another candidate, Jonnalyn Grover, states in her bio, “I have owned property in Rancho Viejo since 2004.” However, she does not say that she lives here. The line next to her photo states that she has been a resident for 10 years. Ms. Grover did not write that statement and I believe it is incorrect. Residents cannot ascertain if she does live here, and, if so, for how long.

I was hoping these residency issues could be clarified at the Candidate Forum on October 30th, but neither of these candidates attended.

I would like to see our Bylaws amended to require that Board members reside in Rancho Viejo for the majority of the year. People who actually live here have more at stake, are more attached to the community and attuned to its needs. Changing the Bylaws is a long process. For now, I urge residents to vote for candidates who have Rancho Viejo as their primary residence.