Legal Interpretations

In October 2013, the RVSA BOD met with attorney Lynn Krupnik and approved payment for interpretations on governing documents where disagreements existed between board members.  The intention was to document the meeting,  but no one was available to write minutes, so a recorder was placed on the table.  Minutes should have been made available soon after, but were not.   Two directors asked about the minutes and were told that they were being transcribed from the recording (payment for this had not been voted on by board members).

In January 2014, since there were still no minutes, former Director Pfeifer offered his personal notes taken during the meeting to be entered into the record, but his offer was refused by the president.  Later, it was revealed that the Association Attorney had been paid ~$1300 to transcribe a new document (no board vote again), because the first transcription was inadequate.  The new transcription was never completed.

Despite spending approximately $2000 for legal interpretations of Association governing documents, residents did not receive a document or record of minutes for their money.  Courtesy of former director, David Pfeifer, we offer his personal notes from the meeting – please note that these were not approved by the RVSCA BOD and that they are not part of the official Association record.

download Personal Notes by former Director

Disclaimer: Attorney-Client privilege is a gray area.  Two attorneys we spoke with claimed that personal notes do not fall under this restriction, especially when they are not part of an official record.


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